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Integrated Health Certificate FAQ

  1. Can I apply after the deadline for Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care Certificate?

    The priority deadline for applications is listed here. However, qualified applicants will be considered until the program fills.

  2. Do I need special equipment for this Continuing Education certificate program?

    Students will need access to high-speed Internet and a computer with a camera and microphone, for live Q&A with the program director. We will provide detailed, user-friendly instructions and technical support. Students do not need any special software to participate in this program.

  3. Does this Continuing Education certificate program provide 1098-T tax forms?

    1098-T tax forms are not provided for CE programs. CE fees do not count toward 1098-T payments. Participants should talk to their tax advisors to see if there is some place in their tax document where they can claim their CE program payments.

  4. How can I apply to this Continuing Education certificate program?

    To enroll, you must complete the online registration form and submit your payment. You will be asked to share your interest in this certificate and your goals for participating in the program. Your registration is not complete until the payment is submitted.

  5. How is this Continuing Education program evaluated (e.g., graded)?

    In order for participants to complete (e.g., "pass") the certificate program, they must complete the all quizzes/post-tests and evaluations. The quizzes/post-tests include a few multiple-choice questions that cover the course content.

  6. I do not have a webcam with a microphone on my home or work computer. What can I do?

    Several stores, such as Best Buy, Office Max, Staples, Wal-Mart and many others, sell webcams with microphones for the computer. They are inexpensive and you do not need a high-end webcam in order to get good quality video and voice recordings. We have found good Press enter to read full text...

  7. I have never taken a blended course before. What is a blended course?

    This blended certificate program combines online modules and pre-recorded videos that you view and work through at your own pace, as well as interactive sessions, in which you will interact with the instructor and other participants through remote access. Reading materials and study aids will be located on a course website that you can access throughout the program.

  8. I have never taken a web-based course before. What will it be like?

    The program combines web-based live lectures and online modules and podcasts. During the live hours, you will watch the lecture from your home or work computer and be able to interact with the instructor in real time using chat and other remote-access interactive methods. Resources and reading materials will be located on a course website, where you will also find forums and other ways to interact with faculty and fellow participants in the program.

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