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Community Action and Social Change (CASC) and the Program of Intergroup Relations (IGR) Joint Certificate: Certificate in Dialogue for Community Change

CASC and IGR students will engage in exploring intergroup dialogue facilitation and popular education approaches for community action and social change and as a social justice intervention and social change tactic beyond higher education.

Students in the certificate program will have the opportunity to

  • Support opportunities for engaged learning and community-based (on or off campus) practice.
  • Build skills in creating, sustaining, and effectively participating in coalitions for change across social identities.
  • Develop cohort support and connections across students minoring in either or both programs and creating opportunities for meaningful community building for students.

Who can join

Students must be declared CASC Minor or declared IGR Minor in order to enroll in the Certificate in Dialogue for Community Change. To learn more, CASC students can sign up for an advising appointment with the CASC Minor Academic Advisor, or email [email protected].


Complete the CASC Minor declaration form and express your interest in the certificate program. If you are a declared CASC Minor student, sign up for an advising appointment to learn more. If you are a declared IGR Minor student, sign up for an advising appointment via email to learn more.

Requirements to complete the certificate program

  • Be a declared CASC minor or declared IGR minor
    • Must apply no later than the Fall semester of the Senior (last) year
  • Attend an info session during the Fall semester to learn more about the certificate requirements. Info sessions will also provide information about community/campus facilitation opportunities.
  • Take a minimum of 4 Courses (total credits 7-11 credits):
    • Required 2 Foundation Courses:
      • IGR: ALA 122 (2 credits)
      • CASC: SW 305 (3 credits)
    • Electives Courses for CASC students & IGR students (2 - 6 credits):
      • If a CASC minor student must take at least one from the IGR list
      • If an IGR minor student must take at least one from the CASC list
  • Complete the Certificate Dialogue Form.
  • Engage in 10 hours of Community/Campus Facilitation. See these Examples of Approved Facilitation.

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