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Capacity Building and Partnerships with SJC Racial Equity Cohorts: A Renewal Proposal

This proposal serves two purposes: (1) to provide our team with the opportunity to continue working with the SJC Racial Equity Cohorts and their partners to further advance reform efforts, including the use and dissemination of evidence, and (2) to provide evidence to internal and external stakeholders to address critical questions of relevance to racial disparities and criminal justice reform using innovative analytical methods (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods). After successfully completing this application, we are confident the SJC Racial Equity Cohort members will be in an optimal position to advance and sustain their work and develop and use skills to incorporate stakeholder feedback to develop comprehensive plans for future funded work. We believe our work with the SJC Racial Equity Cohorts over the next two years will position them to achieve their goals and sustain them beyond the grant. Further, our rapport with the SJC Racial Equity Cohorts and their partners will build upon the foundation we have established to ensure progress toward achieving racial equity and justice. Thus, the renewal funds from the MacArthur Foundation will allow us to undertake a number of activities, to continue what we have been doing to achieve the above outcomes Our activities will be reflected in three themes to address racial inequities in the criminal justice system in a strategic and systematic manner.

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