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Alaska Native Resilience Study (U19 Supplement)

Dr. Wexler will work with the ANCHRR Internal Leadership Team to accomplish the overall goals of the project with a focus on the Alaska Native Community Resilience Study. She will: • Work closely with co-PIs Drs. Allen and Rasmus to design study and translational work in ways that balance rigor, scientific and translational merit, and tribal control and self-determination. • Work with tribal partners and co-PIs to establish data sharing terms, supervise ethics oversight-scientific and tribal, and communicate across diverse stakeholders to accomplish goals of the project. • With these partners, particularly the ILT and RSC, and co-PIs, she will: 1. Establish research protocols for specific aim 2 and 3. 2. Ensure tribal ethics and university human subjects reviews and approvals 3. Co-lead with co-PIs twice monthly Internal leadership team (ILT) meetings, monthly Research Steering Committee meetings and quarterly Executive Advisory Committee meetings to get tribal input, guidance and oversight. 4. Develop scientific and community products with the aid of researchers and community partners to disseminate findings of the research for maximum impact. 5. Engage in and help supervise project staff and student assistants in recruitment and qualitative and quantitative data collection for specific aim 2 in 6 villages. 6. Manage qualitative data collected for Aim 2. 7. Lead the qualitative analysis of village protective factor interviews to identify key mechanisms of protection from suicide and other adverse events. a. Oversee qualitative coding to capture descriptions of how the protective community mechanisms function. b. Analyze qualitative data from highly protective villages to describe the mechanisms of protection. 8. Formulate and carry out a plan to translate study findings into the AK-CRM Tool to be useful to AN Stakeholders 9. Working closely with ILT, collaborative hub, RSC, integrate SA1 and SA2 findings into the Alaska Community Resilience Mapping Tool (AK-CRM) 10. Conduct the formative evaluation of the CCR AK Tool 11. Disseminate findings through written and oral presentations to participating communities, Alaskan and other Indigenous stakeholders and through peer-reviewed publications to scientific communities.

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