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  1. Robert M. Ortega
    Two professors are members of new UM Diversity Blueprints Task Force

    Professors Robert Ortega and Mieko Yoshihama are members of the recently convened UM Diversity Blueprints Task Force charged with developing innovative approaches to uphold and enhance diversity at the University.

  2. Leslie D. Hollingsworth
    Professor quoted in Detroit News article

    Professor Leslie Hollingsworth is quoted in a Detroit News article on teen mothers during the three decades after World War II.

    Two PhD students selected for Henry J. Meyer award

    Two students have been selected for the 2006-07 Henry J. Meyer award, which is awarded each year to a PhD student whose paper most effectively integrates social work and social science knowledge: Alex Crampton for her paper "Mediation as Intervention to Empower Older Adults and Families in Caregiving Decision-Making: A Case Study and Implications for Social Work Practice" and Katherine Luke for her paper "Toward Empowering Sexual Violence Prevention Strategies: Interrogating the Technologies of Gender Deployed by and between Binge-Drinking College Women."

    • December 19, 2006
    Professor's research highlighted on NIMH website

    Professor Sean Joe's research on suicide behaviors in Black Americans is summarized on the National Institute of Mental Health website.

  5. Paula Allen-Meares
    Dean and school's part in Detroit Center highlighted

    Dean Paula Allen-Meares is pictured with other deans and Provost Teresa Sullivan in a University Record article on a tour of Detroit, including the Detroit Center. The school's part in the initiation of the center and the present work at the center and elsewhere in Detroit are highlighted, as well as remarks from the dean during the tour.

  6. Edith C. Kieffer
    Professor publishes research on Mexican-American newborn glucose tolerance

    Professor Edie Kieffer and colleagues have published an article in the American Journal of Public Health on the effect of maternal weight and glucose tolerance on Mexican-American newborns.

    Professor's research mentioned in The Oakland Press

    Professor Liz Gershoff's research on corporal punishment was reported in The Oakland Press on December 7. The article, "Better discipline options than corporal punishment," references a 2002 research article in which Dr. Gershoff reviewed 88 research projects on corporal punishment and concluded that it leads to aggression, delinquency, antisocial behavior, and greater risks of child abuse.

    • December 7, 2006
  8. Edith C. Kieffer
    Television station reports on professor's research on obese babies

    Spanish television station Univisi?n-Detroit aired a report on Professor Edith Kieffer's research on obesity among Mexican-American babies.

  9. Edith A. Lewis
    Professor selected as distinguished fellow by National Council on Family Relations

    Edith Lewis has been selected to be a distinguished fellow by the National Council on Family Relations. This status honors her "outstanding and enduring contributions that have broad impact on the field of family science."

    • December 4, 2006
    Students rally before Supreme Court

    Students organized a trip to Washington, D.C., when the Supreme Court heard a challenge to the Brown v. Board of Education desegregation case. Just under 40 School of Social Work students drove through the night to rally with thousands of other students on December 4 to voice support for civil rights in America's classrooms.

    • December 4, 2006

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