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  1. Ramona Perry
    Ramona Perry Successfully Defends Dissertation

    Ramona Perry, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Psychology, has successfully defended her dissertation "Black During COVID-19: A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Adoption of COVID-19 Risk Reduction Behaviors among Black Adults." Her committee included Jamie Mitchell (co-chair) and Jaclynn Hawkins.

    After graduation, Perry will be co-owner of an evaluation consulting firm.

    • March 16, 2023
  2. Irene E. Routte
    Irene Routté’s Research and Writing on Africa Receives Multiple Awards

    PhD Student Irene Routté has recently received both the Lester P. Monts Award for Outstanding Graduate Research from U-M’s African Studies Center, as well as an honorable mention from the 2022 Bennetta Jules-Rosette Graduate Essay Award contest from The Association for Africanist Anthropology. Routté’s essay, “Will You Take Care? Bio-Space, Racial Assemblages and the U.S. Youth Refugee Resettlement Welfare System,” is an ethnographic case study of an unaccompanied refugee minor from Nigeria during his first year in care under the United States Office of Refugee Resettlement. This essay was also awarded the School’s Henry Meyer award.

    Six Michigan Social Work Students Named as 2022 CEW+ Scholars

    Six School of Social Work students have received CEW+ awards: 

    MSW student Irma Maribel Andrade Guzman — Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar

    MSW student Rossi Clark —  Beatrice Kahn Scholar 

    MSW student Justine D’Souza — Margaret Dusseau Brevoot Scholar

    MSW student Jennifer Harris — Susan Quackenbush Scholar 

    MSW student Julia Hettich — Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar

    PhD student Kari Sherwood — Mary Malcolmson Raphael Scholar

    The CEW+ scholarship program was established in 1970 to honor the academic performance and potential of women whose education has been interrupted and to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the admissions of women to U-M. With support from our generous donors, CEW+ was able to expand the program in 2008 to include additional scholarships for students of all genders. This year’s cohort will be honored at the CEW+ award luncheon in November.

  4. Lolita Moss
    Lolita Moss Successfully Defends Dissertation

    Lolita Moss, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Psychology, has successfully defended her dissertation entitled “The Medium and the Message: An Investigation of Mainstream Media Use, Relationship Scripts, and Intimate Partner Violence among Black Adolescents.” Her committee consisted of Lorraine Gutiérrez and Richard Tolman.

    Moss has accepted a position as a research faculty professor at Tulane University's Violence Prevention Institute in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

    • August 2, 2022
  5. Kaitlin P. Ward
    Kaitlin Ward Successfully Defends Dissertation

    Kaitlin Ward, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Psychology, has successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Ecological Influences of Parental Discipline Behaviors and Child Outcomes among Families in Low-and Middle-Income Countries.” Her committee consisted of Shawna Lee and Andy Grogan-Kaylor.

    Ward has accepted a position at Google.

    • July 12, 2022
    Child Welfare Student Association Visited Michigan State Capitol

    The Child Welfare Student Association visited the Michigan state capitol on April 25 to mark National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The students listened to inspirational speakers, networked with legislators and took a tour of the capitol building.

    • May 3, 2022
    MicroMasters Student Shannon Carter Received the Weiser Emerging Democracies Fellowship

    MicroMasters student and returned Peace Corps volunteer Shannon Lynn Carter has received a Weiser Emerging Democracies Fellowship for Incoming Graduate Students. Emerging Democracies Fellowships are awarded to exceptional incoming graduate students who focus their work on emerging democracies, past or present. 

    “It aligned with everything I had done as Youth Development Volunteer serving in Ukraine. I went into the Peace Corps knowing I wanted to develop as a person. I knew I had to go through something very difficult. I did not expect that, in the process, I would receive the Weiser Fellowship. I am extremely grateful now to be working for causes greater than I could have ever imagined and doing something that I feel is so meaningful. And I am grateful to be completing my second master's at the U-M School of Social Work.”

    Carter served in Ukraine from September 2017 to when she was evacuated in March 2020 due to Covid-19. From Flint, Michigan, she took advantage of the statewide lockdown to complete our online MicroMasters program in under 12 weeks and deferred until she completed her first master's in Project Management at the Peace Studies and International Development Center at the University of Bradford Rotary Peace Center, England. She will start her MSW on campus in the fall with the intention of returning to Ukraine post-war. 

    “What's happening in Ukraine is horrific,” she says. “My Ukrainian friends live-stream it. They don't know if they're going to make it the next day.  Paired with my Cyrillic linguistic skills and graduate-level credentials of social work and project management, I will be equipped with the tools to return to Ukraine and continue building on the democratic ideology that had originally inspired the creation of the U.S Peace Corps in the 1960s.” 

    Apart from receiving the Weiser Emerging Democracies Fellowship, Carter has also received the Paul D. Coverdell  Fellowship, Rotary Peace Fellowship, and the Bill Huntly Fellowship.

    Association of Black Social Work Students Named Professional Organization of the Year

    The Association of Black Social Work Students (ABSWS) has received the Michigan Difference Professional Organization of the Year Award.  

    “ABSWS has an ongoing presence at the University of Michigan and to continue the legacy, it is critical that their accomplishments be recognized,” said Clinical Assistant Professor Daicia Price.  “ABSWS has been an integral part of preparing for new accreditation requirements that involve anti-racism and social justice as a necessary part of the graduate curriculum. One of the amazing things about this group is that they have been using the curriculum and professional competencies to engage in and implement their strategic plan. They have been intentional about building collaborative networks and been creative and innovative about ways to combine the professional and social experience of social workers.”

    The current ABSWS officers include: 

    • Blair Baker - President
    • Alex Black - Vice President
    • J’Melia Richardson - Secretary & Social Coordinator
    • Quentin Harris - Parliamentarian
    • April 7, 2022
  9. Cristina B. BaresAshley E. CuretonBeth Glover  Reed
    2022 ENGAGE Active Grant Recipients: Empowering Engagement with Detroit Communities

    Youth Engagement through Cannabis Prevention and Employment Training

    Faculty Member: Associate Professor Cristina Bares

    Community Partner: Kartav Patel, Manager of Youth Services, Southwest Economic Services

    Welcome to the Motor City: Exploring Refugee Resettlement Among Afghan Refugees and Beyond

    Faculty Member: Assistant Professor Ashley Cureton

    Community Partner:  Shadin Adityeh, Director of Employment and Economic Empowerment Programs, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County and Detroit

    Tuxedo Project Community Map

    Faculty Member: Lecturer Maureen Okasinski

    Community Partner: Rose Gorman, Executive Director, The Tuxedo Project

    Enacting Action Goals Informed by HOMES Survey: Services and Options for LGBTQ+ Older Adults in Metro Detroit

    Faculty Member: Associate Professor Beth Glover Reed

    Partner: Angela Gabridge, Executive Director, Sage Metro Detroit

    • March 11, 2022
    MSW/MPH Student Brandon Bond Receives George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate Award

    MSW/MPH student Brandon Bond was recognized as a 2022 George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate. Bond is a mental health advocate on a global scale. His diverse education background and international experience ignites his passion for helping organizations and policy makers take a humanitarian, equitable and culturally-inclusive approach to mental healthcare. The George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate Award recognizes outstanding student leadership in the area of campus mental health.

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