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    Jamie Mitchell Named Assistant Director of Clinical Research Participation

    Assistant Professor Jamie Mitchell has been named assistant director of clinical research participation of the Community Outreach and Engagement program at Michigan Medicine’s Rogel Cancer Center. In this role, Mitchell will look to curate best practices for minority enrollment, providing a toolbox to help investigators consider diversity and inclusivity as they develop their trials. The role leverages work Mitchell is already doing to increase minority recruitment for aging-related studies.

    “We as a cancer center community value research that represents more than just the majority population. We want to know our insights and discoveries apply to diverse populations. If we are having trouble recruiting diverse patients to our trials, having someone to think through issues strategically will help make it easier on researchers,” says Mitchell.


  2. Lindsay A. Bornheimer
    Lindsay Bornheimer Presenting at the 31st Annual Albert J. Silverman Virtual Research Conference

    Assistant Professor Lindsay Bornheimer is presenting a "lightning talk" at the Department of Psychiatry's 31st Annual Albert J. Silverman Virtual Research Conference. She will be presenting her research on the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effectiveness of a cognitive behavioral suicide prevention-focused intervention tailored to adults diagnosed with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

    “Suicide death estimates are eight times greater for individuals with schizophrenia spectrum disorders as compared to the general population and there is a paucity of evidence-based suicide-prevention approaches tailored for individuals with psychosis. This NIMH R34 study is gaining input from community stakeholders and experts in the field to modify a cognitive-behavioral suicide prevention treatment for individuals with psychosis. We will then test the preliminary effectiveness and implementation of this modified treatment in a randomized controlled trial with providers delivering mental health services and adult clients receiving care at Washtenaw County Community Mental Health,” said Bornheimer.

  3. Danae Ross
    Danae Ross Selected for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Policy Research Scholars Program

    Danae Ross, Joint PhD student in Social Work and Sociology, Selected for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Policy Research Scholars Program. The Health Policy Research Scholars is a leadership opportunity for second-year full-time doctoral students from populations underrepresented in specific doctoral disciplines and/or marginalized backgrounds. The program supports and connects emerging scholars who are committed to bringing about meaningful change and building a national culture of health, which enables everyone in America to live longer healthier lives.

    Ross’s research brings an interdisciplinary lens to the study of Black maternal/parental health. Her work centers on the physical and mental health of Black mothers and their infants in sexual and reproductive justice discourses. She investigates how anti-Black culture–particularly related to Black sexuality and parenthood–influences Black maternal/parental-infant lived experiences as well as health outcomes, standard medical recommendations, and health care policy relative to birth and breast/body feeding.

  4. Daicia R. Price
    Daicia Price Shares Her Personal and Professional Experiences with Law Enforcement

    Clinical Assistant Professor Daicia Price shared her personal and professional experiences with law enforcement agencies in the University Record. Price is currently partnering with Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network to provide weeklong crisis intervention training for law enforcement agencies.

    “Five times, myself and my family have been incarcerated for reasons we should not have been, but I still don’t place that on an individual officer. I think about where the gaps were in those different pieces, and helping them understand ways they can do policing in a trauma-informed way,” said Price.

  5. Finn McLafferty Bell
    Finn Bell Named a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Social Work Health Futures Lab Fellow

    Finn Bell, Joint PhD student in Social Work and Sociology, has been named a Social Work Health Futures Lab Fellow. He joins a national cohort of 26 social work experts from around the U.S. and Canada, who will work together on topics ranging from social media to climate justice. Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), this initiative aspires to help prepare a new generation of the profession.

    "For the past seven years, my community-engaged research has been motivated by trying to understand how communities can build the emotional, spiritual, and cultural sustenance necessary to effectively confront the climate crisis,” said Bell. “I am honored to have been selected as a RWJF Social Work Health Futures Lab Fellow, as it will give me the opportunity to receive specialized training in futures thinking and connect me with a cohort of social work leaders similarly committed to addressing the ‘wicked problems’ of the 21st century from an intersectional anti-racist lens."

  6. Sandra L. Momper
    Sandra Momper Appointed to U-M Anti-Racism Faculty Hiring Initiative

    Associate Professor Sandra Momper has been appointed by Provost Susan Collins to the U-M’s Anti-Racism Faculty Hiring Initiative. The initiative, a component of the university’s multifaceted approach to addressing systemic racism, will bring over 20 new scholars with expertise in racial inequality and structural racism to schools and colleges across campus over three years. Members will review hiring proposals and make selections for funding for the first round of tenure track hires in January 2021.

    In addition, she recently was appointed by Dilip Das, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, U-M Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to the Indigenous Leadership Group.

    Ahead Magazine Focusing on Social Work Research

    Ahead (Issue 5) - In-depth views of social work research at the University of Michigan. This issue includes:

  8. M. Antonio (Tony) G. Alvarez
    Tony Alvarez’s new book, “Adventure Group Psychotherapy an Experiential Approach to Treatment” is Published

    Lecturer Tony Alvarez’s new book, "Adventure Group Psychotherapy an Experiential Approach to Treatment" explores what is necessary for an experiential therapy group to function effectively, and the practical skills needed to inspire success.

    "This inspiring and essential resource provides powerful tools and techniques for adventure therapy practitioners and students," said Will White, co-founder, Summit Achievement, and author of "Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy".

  9. Terri L. Friedline
    Terri Friedline's New Book "Banking on a Revolution Why Financial Technology Won't Save a Broken System" Published by Oxford Press

    Associate Professor Terri Friedline’s new book, “Banking on a Revolution Why Financial Technology Won't Save a Broken System,” takes a critical look at advancements in financial technology (“fintech”) in the banking and financial industries, and makes the case for a more inclusive financial system. "Banking on a Revolution" is deeply rooted in theory and research, and it presents new interpretations of the climate crisis, student loan debt, and community benefits agreements and their relationships to the financial system. The book makes a compelling case for a revolutionized financial system that centers the needs, experiences, and perspectives of those it has historically excluded, marginalized, and exploited. 

    "To create a more equitable and democratized financial system, we need to shift the balance of power away from banks and lenders and toward people,” says Friedline. “Social movements can shift power imbalances and hold institutions accountable for the racist inequalities they have created — tasks for which fintech was not really designed."

  10. Lorraine M. Gutiérrez
    Lorraine Gutiérrez Receives the 2020 Career Achievement Award from the Association for Community Organization and Social Action

     Lorraine Gutiérrez, associate dean for educational programs and professor of social work, is receiving the 2020 Career Achievement Award from the Association for Community Organization and Social Action (ACOSA).  The award honors the lifetime contribution of a person in the field who has made a major contribution to community practice. She is a leader in scholarship on group work, empowerment, multicultural practice and research for community change that has advanced these areas and enriched social work education and practice.  She has exemplified an academic life that connects her teaching and research with her service that has enhanced her school, campus, community and profession. 

    "There is no greater honor than being recognized by my peers,” said Gutiérrez  .  “I joined ACOSA when I was a doctoral student in 1986 and it has always been an important part of my community-focused work. I have been happy to be contributing to the field of community practice."

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