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  1. John E. Tropman
    John Tropman’s Book Named Number One Pick by BookAuthority

    Professor Emeritus John Tropman’s book “Effective Meetings: Improving Group Decision Making” has been named the number one book of all time on the subject of running meetings by BookAuthority. In his book, Tropman offers practical strategies for running effective meetings by highlighting the processes involved in decision making and the ways individuals contribute to making better quality decisions as a group. BookAuthority uses the recommendations of experts and business leaders to identify and rate the best books in the world.

  2. Joyce Y. Lee
    Joyce Lee Defends Dissertation

    Joyce Lee, Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Psychology, has successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Family Processes Underlying Economic Insecurity, Father Involvement, and Child Outcomes in Families with Low Income.” Her committee consisted of Shawna Lee, Brenda Volling (co-chairs), Robert Ortega, Andrew Grogan-Kaylor and Sheryl Olson. Lee has accepted a position as assistant professor at The Ohio State University.

    • May 6, 2021
  3. Lisa M. GrecoKathryn Colasanti
    Report Released on Program Evaluation Group’s Partnership with the Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit

    The Program Evaluation Group (PEG) partnered with the Kresge Foundation to release a new report titled  A Retrospective Look at Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit.  In 2019, PEG  began an evaluation of the first three rounds of the Kresge Innovative Projects: Detroit (KIP:D), which took place from 2015-2017.  

    Through a variety of participatory data collection methods, staff from PEG gathered insights from 45 people connected to KIP:D projects in order to learn about the impact projects had on residents’ quality of life, effective strategies for ensuring inclusive engagement, whether and how projects were catalytic, and the ways in which Kresge could further support the initiative.

  4. Shanna Katz Kattari
    Shanna Kattari Quoted in USA Today About Celebrities Teaching Kids To Be More Inclusive

    Shanna Kattari is quoted in USA Today in an article about celebrities teaching kids to be more inclusive. "Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade were so supportive of Zaya coming out and really did a lot of work above and beyond just supporting her, but really making sure other people understood the importance of family support," says Kattari.

  5. William Elliott III
    College Savings Accounts Help Low-Income Children Build Assets

    Professor William Elliott III spoke with the New York Times about how establishing college savings accounts early transforms expectations about the future and impacts savings. “A savings account for a low-income kid means a lot more to them than it does for a wealthy kid.”

  6. Angela R. Fernandez
    Angela Fernandez Named a William T. Grant AQC Scholar

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow Angela Fernandez has been selected as a William T. Grant AQC Scholar with the Institute in Critical Quantitative, Computational & Mixed Methodologies. The institute’s mission is to advance the presence of scholars of color among those using data science methodologies, and challenge researchers to use those methods in ways that can dismantle the structural barriers to enable human flourishing for underrepresented communities, professionals, and young people.

    Ghazi Edwin and Price Awarded 2021 Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prizes

    Lecturer and ENGAGE Program Manager Ayesha Ghazi Edwin and Clinical Assistant Professor Daicia Price will both be awarded 2021 Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prizes (TIPs). These awards honor faculty who have developed innovative approaches to teaching that incorporate creative pedagogies.

    Ghazi Edwin’s award is for her project, Improving Our City: The Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission Project. “Participating in the Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission project in SW 560 was the highlight of my experience in the MSW program,” said MSW Student Bryant Hepp. “The project allowed me to apply coursework in community engagement, have meaningful discussions with classmates which improved and extended my in-class learning, and present that information to local government officials. By bridging the gap between my identity as a student and member of the local community, the project helped me feel connected to others even during a pandemic.”

    Price’s award is for her course, African-Centered Practices in the Community and in the Classroom. Not only does Price incorporate inclusive teaching principles, she also provides historical context of the origination of the theoretical framework and attributes African culture and ideology. “By engaging the contributions of African Americans within specific disciplines, and utilizing unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith, educators are able to create a cohesive classroom that prepares future leaders to engage in work that supports the pursuit of social justice,” she says. “This course design provides educators with a chance to decentralize Western European standards within the academic and professional settings by introducing and developing alternatives to teaching, learning, and practice.

    • April 7, 2021
  8. Fernanda L. Cross
    Fernanda Cross Receives 2021 Society for Research on Child Development Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

    Assistant Professor Fernanda Cross will receive an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the 2021 Society for Research on Child Development. Cross’ dissertation examines how the roles of sociocultural stressors, such as discrimination and documentation​ status, influence parental ethnic-racial socialization practices in Latinx​ immigrant families. Selection for the awards is based on criteria that included the quality of the dissertation, publications emerging from the project, and the nominee’s current position and engagement in the field of child development research.

  9. Joseph P. Ryan
    Joe Ryan Quoted in the American Public Media Story on Discipline at Utah Youth Treatment Center

    Professor Joe Ryan is quoted in the American Public Media story “How Utah has let its many youth treatment centers off the hook” about the use of horse troughs as “therapeutic discipline” at a residential treatment center for young women in Utah. Ryan said “It clearly was humiliation."

    Ryan reviewed Utah state and law enforcement reports on trough discipline used “If that's not humiliating public shaming, I don't know what is."

  10. Edith C. Kieffer
    Medicaid Dental Coverage Helps Enrollees Seek New Jobs

    Edie Kieffer and a team from the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation study on the impact of dental coverage is featured in the latest issue of ADA News. Their research suggests that Medicaid’s dental coverage has improved enrollees’ health in ways that have helped them seek a new job or do better at the one they have. “Many enrollees spoke passionately and sometimes joyously about how having dental benefits had changed, and in some cases, saved their lives,” said Kieffer.

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