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Academics & Curriculum FAQ

  1. What is a Pathway and how do I choose one?

  2. What is the difference between the 16 and 20 month programs? How do I decide which one to choose?

    Both tracks or curriculum schedules are four semesters in length; however 16 month students attend courses and complete fieldwork over the spring/summer semester whereas 20 month students do not.

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    16 Month Track 20 Month Track
    • 1 field placement for 3 semesters
    • Field
  3. What is the typical class size?

    About half of the MSW course sections have 25 - 30 students and about half have fewer than 25 students. Occasionally, but infrequently, sections are combined into a larger sections (approximately 40-50 students) to provide students with a more rich academic experience.

  4. What's an exemption and how do I get one?

    Exemptions from foundation courses will be granted when students have extensive prior comparable courses (minimum of two), covering essentially all of the content of a foundation course in either an undergraduate or graduate program, completed within the last six Press enter to read full text...

  5. Where can I find information about U of M faculty?

    Visit our faculty profile directory.

  6. Will I have an advisor? How are they assigned?

    Yes, you will be assigned a faculty advisor whom you will meet at Fall Orientation. Students are paired with faculty advisors based on their practice method concentration; practice area is also taken into consideration. Your faculty advisor will assist you in making Press enter to read full text...

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