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What is the difference between the 16 and 20 month programs? How do I decide which one to choose?

Both tracks or curriculum schedules are four semesters in length; however 16-month students attend courses and complete fieldwork over four consecutive terms, including the spring/summer term, whereas 20-month students have the spring/summer term off between their first fall/winter terms and second fall/winter terms.

16 Month Track 20 Month Track
  • Enrollment terms: fall / winter / spring-summer/ 2nd fall
  • Field starts in January (of 1st year) and ends in December (of 2nd year)
  • Graduate in December
  • Enrollment terms: fall / winter / 2nd fall / 2nd winter
  • Field starts in January (of 1st year) and ends April (of 2nd year)
  • Summer semester off (typical college schedule)
  • Graduate in April

You should also keep in mind that some field placement options require a specific track. For example, most public school field placement sites only accept 20-month students. 

The decision between the two different tracks is a personal one that should be weighed carefully for your own educational needs and preferences. Please contact the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management (734-936-0961) to speak with an admissions counselor if you have further questions regarding the selection of a curriculum schedule.

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