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Diane Kaplan Vinokur

Associate Professor Emerita of Social Work

Diane Kaplan  Vinokur

Diane Kaplan Vinokur’s research focuses on the application of social psychological and organizational theories to human service organizations and their personnel. She studies the implications of such findings for non-profit management and social work practice.

Her most recent study, “The Under One Roof Project,” investigates the benefits and challenges of nonprofit centers to their co-located nonprofit tenant organizations and their communities.

In 1997, Vinokur co-founded the University of Michigan Nonprofit and Public Management Center, a collaboration of the Schools of Social Work, Business, and Public Policy, which promotes education, research, and community and public service, and provides career consultation.

Research Interests/Focus

Nonprofit management, “under one roof project,” human service organizations


Year Degree   School
1975 PhD Social Work and Sociology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1973 MA Sociology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1972 MSW Social Policy University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1970 BA Sociology Oberlin College, OH
Year Description
2006 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2006, April). New homes for little nonprofits: post-occupancy satisfaction survey data from four nonprofit centers. Presented at the West Coast Nonprofit Data Conference, Evans School of Public Affairs, The University of Washington, Seattle.
2005 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., Brotsky, C., & Hamilton, S. (2005, November). Making space for nonprofits: Practitioners advocate, promote, & build quality workplace environments. Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of ARNOVA, Chicago, IL.
2004 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Peintner, L. S. (2004, November). Getting grad students on board: Successful Outreaco to build community nonprofit capacity. Presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of ARNOVA, Los Angeles, CA.
2004 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2004, July). Galvanizing future NGO leadership from overlooked campus populations: Profiles of two programs for tomorrow's civil society. Presented at the ISTR Sixth International Conference, Toronto, Canada.
2003 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & VandenBrooks, J. (2003, November). Growing a new cadre of board members: Mobilizing MBA students through board fellowships. Presented at the ARNOVA 32nd Annual Conference, Denver, CO
2003 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Kleine, A. (2003, November). The NGO Fellows Program: Galvanizing international graduate students & spouses to enhance nonprofit, community, and university capacity. Presented at the ARNOVA 32nd Annual Conference, Denver, CO.
2003 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2003, May). Collaborating for success With nonprofit co-locations. Presented at the Second National Conference on Creating and Operating Nonprofit Centers, Collaborating for Success II, Interchurch Center, New York, NY.
2003 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Dobbie, D. S. (2003, November). Nonprofit co-locations as capacity building tools for communities. Presented at the ARNOVA 31st Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada.
2002 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & McBeath, B. (2002, November/December). Success factors in attracting nonprofit organizations to collaborative co-locations and retaining them. Presented at the ARNOVA's 30th Annual Conference, Miami, FL.
2001 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2001, November/December). Attracting doctoral students to become nonprofit researchers: A tale of the NOVA Seminar. Presented at the ARNOVA's 30th Annual Conference, Miami, FL
2001 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2001, November/December). Managing nonprofit tenants "under one roof;" Newfound roles for nonprofits as landlords, partners, and facility advisors. Presented at ARNOVA, Miami, FL.
2001 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2001, July). Nonprofit landlords leasing to nonprofit tenants: Legal and managerial strategies used at nonprofit co-location enterprises in the United States. Presented at the International Conference on Nonprofit Enterprises: Governing Development and Funding Innovation, Faculty of Economics and Institute for the Development of Nonprofit Organizations (ISSAN), University of Trento, Italy.
2001 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2001, May). "Under one roof": Assessing facility needs of nonprofits. Presented at Collaborating for Success: Creating Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers, First National Conference on Nonprofit Centers. Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA.
2001 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2001, March). "Under one roof": Examples of designing and financing nonprofit co-locations. Presented at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management's 2nd Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH.
2000 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & McBeath, B. (2000, November). What makes collaboration work? The processes and impacts of nonprofit collaboration. Presented at the ARNOVA, New Orleans, LA.
2000 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & McBeath, B. (2000, July). "Greening together:" Promoting collaboration and satisfaction among co-located nonprofit tenants advocating ecological sustainability. Presented at the ISTR, Dublin, Ireland.
2000 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (2000, July). "Shall we dance?" Government and for-profit community development partnerships with co-located nonprofit sectors. Presented at the ISTR, Dublin, Ireland.
1999 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1999, January). Life cycles of community "incubators" of nonprofit organizations. Presented at the Annual Conference of The Society of Social Work and Research (SSWR), Austin, TX.
1998 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Connor, J. A. (1998, July). Nonprofit incubators: Comparative models for nurturing new third sector organizations. Presented at ISTR , Geneva, Switzerland.
1998 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Connor, J. A. (1998, March). A community "incubator" of human service organizations & new macro models. Presented at the Annual Program Meeting of CSWE (Council on Social Work Education), Orlando, FL.
1997 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., Connor, A., & Joseph, J. (1997, December). The evolution of a community "incubator" of nonprofit organizations: A case study of NEW - Nonprofit enterprise at Work. Presented at the ARNOVA 26th Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
1996 Vinokur-Kaplan, D., & Schwartz, R. (1996, July). Inter-organizational relationships of self-help groups in Israel: A look backward, a look forward. Presented at the Second International Conference of the International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR), Mexico City, Mexico.
1996 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1996, November). Are social work administrators also nonprofit managers? Is social work administration also nonprofit management? Presented at ARNOVA, New York City.
1995 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1995, November). Do non-profit organizations care about their paid employees? Attitudes of social workers in voluntary and public social service agencies toward organizational support, job satisfaction & retention. Presented at the ARNOVA, 24th Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH.
1994 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1994, October). Workplace attitudes, experiences and job satisfaction of social work administrators in non-profit & public agencies: 1981 & 1989. Presented at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) 23rd Annual Conference, Berkeley, CA.
1994 Neal, D., Lohr, R., & Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1994, May). Applying Total Quality Process in a mental health care setting. Presented at the NASW-Michigan Annual Meeting, Detroit.
1993 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1993, June). Enhancing team effectiveness in mental health teams. Presented at the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, Annual Meeting, Lansing, MI.
1993 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1993, February). Integrating team effectiveness into social practice: Some responses to disciplinary diversity. Presented at the Council on Social Work Education, (CSWE) Annual Program Meeting, New York City.
1992 Vinokur-Kaplan, D. (1992, October). Integrating work team effectiveness into social work practice: An ecological approach. Paper presented at the First Annual Conference on the Integration of Social Work and Social Science, Transformations and Transactions: Integrating Social Work and Social Science into the 21st Century, University of Michigan Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science, Ann Arbor, MI.

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