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Statistical Methods in Social Sciences II

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SW851, Section 001

Statistical Methods in Social Sciences II --- This is a foundational course for statistical analyses in social sciences. As the second of a required statistics sequence for doctoral students in Social Work and Social Welfare, students will further advance their understanding of correlation and regression analysis theories, and their applications to addressing social problems and issues and advancing social justice. Core topics covered in this course will include Pearson's correlation (r), other measures of association (e.g., Spearman, Phi coefficient, Point-biserial), simple linear regression, multiple regression, simple mediation and moderation, and be prepared for advanced topics, e.g., multi-level modeling, structural equation modeling, among others. Doctoral and graduate-level students outside of the Social Work and Social Welfare program may be eligible to take this course without taking the first course in the series (SW 850), assuming they have gained the content of SW 850, elsewhere.

Semester: Winter 2024
Instructor: Anao Zhang
U-M Class #: 37785
Program Type: Residential
Format: In-Person
Credits: 4 Credit Hours

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