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Racial, Ethnic and Gender Issues in Intervention

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SW816, Section 001

Intervention methods are critically examined as they relate to racial, gender, and ethnic statuses of clients. Social science theory and research relevant to the identification of problems experienced by target groups and to status, effects on psychosocial interventions will be reviewed. Attention will be on the effects of status and power differentials linked to racial, ethnic and gender status's of clients on the development and implementation of interventions at various levels in the social system. Cultural assumptions and discrimination that influence the definition and nature of problems, health, and competence, and the nature of interventions will be analyzed. Although attention will be given primarily to ethnicity and gender, these issues will be explored in a way that extends their applicability to other status differences and to sexual orientation. Key literature from social work, epidemiology and the social sciences will be covered to prepare students to design, implement, and evaluate interventions which address the problems of high risk or under-served groups. Throughout, ethical and value issues will be integrated into course content.

Semester: Fall 2015
Instructor: Daphne C. Watkins
Category: PIP
U-M Class #: 29668
Program Type: Residential
Credits: 3 Credit Hours

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