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Advanced Topics in Macro Social Work

SW799, Section 004

This course presents advanced topics in macro social work practice. The topics may include emerging
macro practice issues and advanced application of specific methods.

Topic Description / Additional Information

This mini-course, offered over two days, will focus on three or four key skills in the area of Managerial Supervision in the Human Services.

Day 1 begins with an introduction to Managerial Supervision and the differences between managerial supervision and clinical supervision. We also focus on the tensions between these two work modalities and the conflicts they can create. Issues of power, fatefulness, working to standard, and evaluation are considered as well. Supervisory role playing in triads, with a supervisor, a direct report, and an observer will be used.
In the afternoon of Day 1, the focus will be on Supervision for Retention, especially stressing areas, such as child protective service, where the supervisor and the supervisee are involved in fateful decision making but are not geographically proximate.

Day 2 will stress the effective Supervisory meeting, both dyadic and group based. The second day concludes with a discussion of decision making within the supervisory context.

Learning Objectives are as follows:
1. Acquaint the participants with the differences between managerial and clinical supervision;
2. Assist in establishing role clarity between the two, and provide experience in handling common managerial issues;
3. Provide specific techniques for dealing with supervision in retention;
4. Provide specific techniques for dealing with managerial supervisory meetings;
5. Provide specific techniques for managerial; supervisory decision making.

Semester: Fall 2014
Instructor: John E. Tropman
Topic: Managerial Supervision in the Human Services
U-M Class #: 21883
Time: Sat Saturdays September 6 and November 15 , 2014 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: 3752 SSWB
Program Type: Residential
Credits: 1 Credit Hours

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