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Joint PhD Students



  1. Angela K. Perone Angela K. Perone

    Caregiving, aging, LGBT, social movements

  2. Danae Ross Danae Ross

  3. Briana N. Starks Briana N. Starks

    Poverty, inequality, social stratification, racial disparities, the welfare state, and access to postsecondary education; connecting micro processes to macro structures using mixed methods.

  4. Valerie Taing Valerie Taing

    How advocacy organizations frame social problems and influence social change

  5. Michelangelo (Michaelangelo) Trujillo Michelangelo (Michaelangelo) Trujillo

    Historical development of the state; community responses to violence; individual and community narratives

  6. Kevser Pinar Üstel Kevser Pinar Üstel

    Production of knowledge about human distress and its treatment; Social and psychological meanings of psychiatric medication; Psychiatric drug withdrawal; Shared decision-making in mental health

  7. Charles E. Williams Charles E. Williams

  8. Ed-Dee (Eddee) G. Williams Ed-Dee (Eddee) G. Williams

    diagnosis and treatment of black youth offenders

  9. Anna Wood Anna Wood

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