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Joint PhD Students


  1. Lauren N. Whitmer Lauren N. Whitmer

Political Science

  1. Taha Rauf Taha Rauf


  1. Berenice Castillo Berenice Castillo

    transitional periods in the life course of ethnic minorities

  2. Joonyoung Cho Joonyoung Cho

    Aging-in-Place, Life Course, Social Relation, Productive Aging, Health, Internet Communication and Technologies

  3. Emma B. Gross Emma B. Gross

  4. Sunghyun Hong Sunghyun Hong

    Developmental Shaping of Resilience, Neuroscience of Resilience, Interactions between Neuro-biology and Social Environment, Life-course Perspective, Cultural Variability, Strength-based Framework, Trauma-Informed Practices and System, Translational Science

  5. Rita  Hu Rita Hu

    Older adults and their families, Grandparents in multi-generation households and skipped-generation households, Older adults with chronic diseases, Caregiver support, Ageism's impact on health

  6. Jay R Kayser Jay R Kayser

  7. Change Kwesele Change Kwesele

    Identity development and risky behaviors in underserved populations, evidence-based wellness and social service programs.

  8. Joyce Y. Lee Joyce Y. Lee

    Family processes, family strengthening; father involvement, father engagement; technology leverage in social service delivery, evidence-based parent education programs; child development, child welfare, child maltreatment prevention

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