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Joint PhD Students


  1. Joonyoung Cho Joonyoung Cho

    Aging-in-Place, Life Course, Social Relation, Productive Aging, Health, Internet Communication and Technologies

  2. EB  Gross EB Gross

  3. Keion Harris Keion Harris

    • Pre-Candidate
    • Psychology - Developmental
    • Library
  4. Sunghyun Hong Sunghyun Hong

    Developmental shaping of resilience, neuroscience of resilience, biology x environment transactions, risk and protective factors, cultural variability, life-course perspective, strength-based framework, trauma-informed practices and system

  5. Jay R Kayser Jay R Kayser

  6. Brittani Symone Parham Brittani Symone Parham

  7. Yanghyun Park

  8. Brittany Ribeiro Brown Brittany Ribeiro Brown

    • Candidate
    • Psychology - Personality & Social Contexts
  9. Kari Sherwood Kari Sherwood

    Disability justice, employment opportunities, access, and inclusion in the workplace for autistic and neurodivergent individuals

  10. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis Yuliya A. Shyrokonis

    Yuliya Shyrokonis is a Joint PhD student in Social Work and Clinical Psychology and holds a BA in psychology. Her research and professional experiences have spanned sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking and restorative justice. She is interested in researching novel interventions for ...

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