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Joint PhD Students


  1. Matthew Bakko Matthew Bakko

    Research Interests/Focus: Frontline Social Service Providers; Human Service Organizations; Policy Implementation; Social Welfare Policy and Programs; Race, Class, and Gender Oppression; Institutions and Institutional Change; Philanthropy and Resources; Mixed Methods

  2. Elizabeth D. Harris

    • Pre-Candidate
    • Sociology - Economic Sociology & Organization
    • Library
  3. Katelyn A. Kennon Katelyn A. Kennon

  4. Sherise J. McKinney

  5. Subin Min

  6. So'Phelia Morrow So'Phelia Morrow

  7. Analidis Ochoa Analidis Ochoa

  8. Danae Ross Danae Ross

  9. Valerie Taing Valerie Taing

    How policymakers, bureaucrats, and advocates define the needs of children and poor families, and how these definitions inadvertently create new inequalities. Bringing new analytic tools to the study of culture, the welfare state, and poverty governance, I show how culture shapes the relationship ...

  10. Michelangelo (Michaelangelo) Trujillo Michelangelo (Michaelangelo) Trujillo

    Historical development of the state; community responses to violence; individual and community narratives

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