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Joint PhD Students


  1. Kari Sherwood Kari Sherwood

    Disability justice, employment opportunities, access, and inclusion in the workplace for autistic and neurodivergent individuals

  2. Yuliya A. Shyrokonis Yuliya A. Shyrokonis

    Yuliya Shyrokonis is a Joint PhD student in Social Work and Clinical Psychology and holds a BA in psychology. Her research and professional experiences have spanned sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking and restorative justice. She is interested in researching novel interventions for ...

  3. Sakura Takahashi Sakura Takahashi

    Culture and mental health

  4. Lauren White Lauren White


  1. Matthew Bakko Matthew Bakko

    Research Interests/Focus: Organizational and Institutional Change; Community Organization; Human Service Organizations and Nonprofits; Social Welfare Policy; Carceral Systems; Philanthropy; Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

  2. Anne Blumenthal Anne Blumenthal

    Child and family well-being, poverty and inequality, child maltreatment

  3. Nicolaus (Nick) R. Espitia Nicolaus (Nick) R. Espitia

    Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, Civic Engagement, Community Organizing, Social Movements, Social Policy, and Political Participation.

  4. Elizabeth D. Harris

    • Pre-Candidate
    • Sociology - Economic Sociology & Organization
    • Library
  5. Katelyn A. Kennon Katelyn A. Kennon

  6. So'Phelia Morrow So'Phelia Morrow

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