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Certificate in Poverty Solutions, Action & Engagement Courses

The academic minor requires at least 16 credits from the designated courses below.

Download this course list as a PDF.

The following courses can be counted towards the six credits required toward completion of the Certificate in Poverty Solutions, Action and Engagement. An additional selection of courses provided below can be counted as substitutions toward requirements.

Course Number Course Title  
AAS 331 The World of the Black Child Context
AAS 432 Violent Enviornments: Oil, Development, and the Discourse of Power Context
ALA 122, PSYCH 122, SOC 122 Intergroup Dialogues (SES Specific) Diversity
ALA 320, PSYCH 310, SOC 320 Processes of Intergroup Dialogues Facilitation Diversity
ALA 321, SOC 321, PSYCH 311, SOC 321 Practicum in Facilitating Dialogues Diversity
AMCULT 221 Social Inequality Context
AMCULT 321, PSYCH 325 Practicum in the Multicultural Community Diversity, Action
ANTRCUL 439 Economic Anthropology and Development Context
BUS 444 Introduction to Microfinance Context
ECON 401 History of American Economy Context
EDUC 218 Homelessness in Schools and Society: Engaged Practice in School Servicing Organizations Diversity, Action
ENIV 222 Intro to Environmental Justice Context
NURSING 420 Introduction to Global Health: Issues and Challenges Context
POLSCI 332 The Politics of America’s Economic Inequality Context
POLSCI 348 Political Economy and Development Context
PUBPOL 475 Topics: Community Development Finance: Lessons from the Field Context
PUBPOL 495 Policy Seminar: Poverty, Inequality, & Public Policy Context
RCSSCI 330, AAS 330 Urban and Community Studies Context
RCSSCI 344 The History of Detroit in the 20th Century Context
SOC 225 Project Community Action
SW 300 (section 1) DECLARE: A Social Justice Retreat Context, Action, Diversity
URP 423 Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning Context

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