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What Do You Hope For?

Graduates, we asked you "As you begin your social work career, what do you hope for?" and here are your inspiring responses.

Continuing to learn and grow as a social worker
To improve the lives of adolescents struggling with mental health issues.
Collective Liberation from White Supremacy
School Social Worker
I hope to always maintain my strong belief in the dignity and worth of all people, and in their ability to grow and learn
A fulfilling career
Growth, learning, and (hopefully) a little rest!
Pursue social justice
I hope that I can take what I have learned in this program and do my part in making this world a better place.
Change and Action
Integration of mind-body interventions
Continuous learning opportunities
Opportunities and to dwell in possibility.
Justice and Joy
Systematic Change
Inspiration and Purpose
I hope to build bridges within the Jewish community and beyond. Sometimes I find myself in spaces with people of different perspectives and viewpoints from my own, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit at the same table. Now more than ever it’s more important we listen to one another.
Change and Growth
I hope I can help with prioritizing accessible means for mental healthcare and substance use treatment as well as destigmatize co-occurring conditions within these institutions through trauma-informed lens.
Lifelong Learning
Aiding with resiliency
I hope to become an effective social worker.
Collective Liberation
Aspire to be courageous
Compassion, harmony and justice
A Better World
Inner peace
"For there is always light" -Amanda Gorman
I hope to give back to my city what it gave me.
To make a difference
Social justice
A time when people can safely and healthily come together again
Find Meaning & Make a Difference
I hope to bring change to those I interact with in the future
I hope to create impactful programming and meaningful relationships.
A more just and equitable world
I hope, through committed action, to increase equity within K-12 education and to provide dignifying services to students and their families.
To end the mental illness stigma
Real, lasting change
I hope to make an impact on those that I am fortunate enough to encounter.
Courage for everyone to continue pushing through all obstacles of life
contribution to aging in place
A career that serves the people
Higher salary so I can pay off student debt
Breaking down barriers
Healing, happiness, and prosperity for the world's most vulnerable people.
I want to create a space where everyone feels heard.

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