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Child Welfare Student Association

The Child Welfare Student Association (CWSA) is an organization that focuses on the holistic protection of children—that is the protection of children in all areas of their lives. CWSA works to provide members with opportunities to advocate and volunteer with children in the community while also having honest discussions about the experiences of children in the child welfare system. In addition, CWSA attempts to give a multidisciplinary approach to child protection by offering chances to learn about different careers centered on child protection including careers in social work, law, government, and the medical field.

As self-care is a crucial aspect of this work, CWSA prioritizes the importance of relationships and incorporates social events and activities, which ultimately lead to more successful students and professionals in this field. Members leave the organization with more awareness of critical issues in child protection, stronger relationships and networks, and a cord at graduation to highlight their participation in the organization.

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