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Florence J. Alexander

  • Scholarship:
    National Community Scholar
  • Field Placement:
    One Love Global Lansing, MIHyde Square Task Force, Boston, MA

Florence J. Alexander’s interest in community organizing, policy, and evaluation work stems from her inspiration from her parents, sisters, and brother Hubert, Josephine, Breannah, Andrea, Crystal, Hubert JR, & Adora in her hometown of Saginaw, MI. “My dad is a retired firefighter and my mom is a retired nurse, and showed me the true meaning of helping others and caring for communities. My sister, Breannah introduced me to volunteering, looking over grants, and community service in middle school through the youth advisory council and inspired me before I even knew what I should pursue. I want to change curriculum so black and brown folxs see ourselves in what we learn, create beautiful events, celebrate cultures, and serve communities in whichever way I can.”

During her undergraduate years at Saginaw Valley State University, Florence researched recidivism and community outreach programs with Project Safe Neighborhoods, worked at Girl Scouts, and served as a mentor with the Youth First program in Saginaw, MI. After undergraduate, Florence then moved to Boston to serve in AmeriCorps, and prepared to apply to the U-M School of Social Work.

“U-M School of Social Work provided further opportunities and resources for me to create, learn, travel, and collaborate. I was able to be placed as a My Brothers Keeper/Girls Equity Network Scholar at One Love Global Lansing, an organization which facilitates racial equity work towards social justice. Then as a National Community Scholar, I was able to travel to Boston to work over the spring/summer at Hyde Square Task Force, where I helped create curriculum centering Afro-Latinx cultures, Boston’s Latin Quarter, and learning more about community organizing and civic engagement in communities. All these experiences inspired my organizing around the community teach-in and artistry showcase Beyond White Social Work Part 3: Exploration into AfroFuturism, Transformative Creative Arts Movements, and Intergenerational Conversations with Black Folxs hosted at the U-M SSW which brought together creatives from Saginaw, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Flint, & Ann Arbor for an interdimensional and interdisciplinary celebration of Black artistry.”

Florence is passionate about bringing communities together, reforming social policies to better serve communities that weren’t previously at the table, and continuously learning. Florence is dedicated to racial justice, inclusion, amplifying voices that have been historically marginalized, and working towards a transformative society that values all of humanity.

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