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Amsterdam is such an unique city! It is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly diverse. My AirBnb is located outside of the city center in an immigrant community and I've been eating the most delicious food (Ghanian, Vietnamese, and of course-Indian).

Tahrima Khanom

Volunteering in the Netherlands

  • Curriculum Track:
    16 Month, Community Based Initiative

I was abroad for 2 weeks for my Global Independent Study project. My project involved working with The Amsterdam Coordination Center for Human Trafficking (ACM), a community-based organization that utilizes an empowerment approach to support victims of human trafficking and their children.

How has your Global Independent Study project impact your future goals as a social worker?

Gender-based violence is an issue I am passionate about. Since this is an area I hope to continue working in after graduation, my GIS was directly related to my future goals. Through this project, I learned about the plight of victims of sex trafficking.

What advice would you give, based on your own experience, to students considering Global Independent Study?

Setting up a Global Independent Study can seem like a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end. I would encourage students to be intentional in seeking opportunities they're passionate about.

Poster Archive of Previous Student Project: Engaging with International Community-Based Organizations Serving Sex Workers and Victims of Sex Trafficking

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