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This Lutheran Church was built during a time was Russia controlled the Finnish country. This architecture resembles Russian influence and sits on top of the town square higher than every building in the area. Although the time period this church was built represented oppression and foreign control, the Finnish people are very proud of this monumental place of worship.

Sarah Petrovich

Research in Finland

  • Curriculum Track:
    16 Month, Geriatric Scholar

I was abroad for 2 weeks for my Global Independent Study project. My project involved conducting research in Finland centered around meeting older adults and interviewing them about their aging experiences. I used a Finnish translator for interviews and examined the participants' activities, health and health care needs, overall happiness, and their overall aging process experience.

What made you interested in Global Independent Study?

I was excited by the opportunity to travel and explore a topic my curriculum wouldn't have otherwise included. I was looking for a new personal experience in traveling to a new country and to understand my focus (aging) from a global perspective.

Is there anything else you want to share about your Global Independent Study project?

I learned how to be flexible and how to adapt my perspective, attitude, and approach to different aspects of the project and my travel. Doing a research project required a lot of work before and after my travels. It was less work during my time traveling which allowed me to really enjoy the country I was in. I absolutely recommend doing a research based GIS but only if your heart is in it. I loved every step of the process but it was demanding at times and not always easy.

Poster Archive of Previous Student Project: Aging in Finland and the US

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