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Here I am pictured in front of the tall walls of My Refuge House. I liked to look at this wall as I walked around the shelter because personally, it reminded me of why I have chosen a career in the social work field. The more and more time that I spent with the girls at My Refuge House, these are the things that I wish for them: optimism, purpose, belief, and hope.

Kelsey Gatza

Study in the Philippines

  • Curriculum Track:
    Advanced Standing

I was abroad for 3 weeks for my Global Independent Study project. My project involved observing the clinical team at My Refuge House (MRH). I learned a better understanding of the global role of social workers and the best practices for residential care with survivors of trafficking while having the opportunity to practice cultural humility, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 

How has your Global Independent Study project impact your future goals as a social worker?

It has made me more aware of the realities of human trafficking on a more global level.  I am more aware of the vulnerabilities that would also make clients here in the US vulnerable to trafficking as well.  It also has really challenged me to think more about how we can create stronger attachments with our clients. 

Is there anything else you want to share about your Global Independent Study project?

DO IT!!!! Don't be afraid to ask a faculty member to sponsor you.  I originally was nervous to ask my faculty sponsor because it was my first semester and was still building relationships within the SSW.  My global independent study though turned out to be one of my biggest learning experiences in the SSW and I am so glad that I didn't let my nervousness stop me from asking my faculty sponsor.

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