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Maynard Fellowship Supports a Promising Student

Hollie Bellamy-Rodgers, MSW '16

  • Scholarships:
    Olivia P. Maynard Children and Family Fellowship

An invitation to meet Olivia P. Maynard and her husband, S. Olof Karlstrom, was a welcome surprise for Hollie Bellamy-Rodgers. A senior in the BSW program at UM-Flint at the time, she was invited by Department Chair Dr. Otrude Moyo to talk about her experience at the 2014 NASW’s Legislative Education & Advocacy Day (LEAD) conference at the State capitol in Lansing, MI.

“I was invited to share with them the impact the LEAD workshops had on my education and how useful the networking and training experiences had been for me. I was so honored to meet and spend time with them. They’re amazing people who have done so much for the children of Flint and for the field of social work advocacy. That’s exactly what I want to do.” 

Maynard and Karlstrom are the couple behind generous tuition and training funding for students in UM-Flint Department of Social Work programs, including training and transportation funds for students wishing to attend LEAD.

The Maynard Fellowship changed everything for me.

Maynard is also the woman behind the Olivia P. Maynard Children and Family Fellowship for MSW students on the Ann Arbor campus who are committed to working with low income children and families.

Bellamy-Rodgers applied to the MSW program in Ann Arbor, but was unsure if she could afford the costs of full-time tuition and the lengthy commute. The single parent of a school-aged child,  relocating to Ann Arbor was not an option. In fact, the initial financial aid package offered to her with her acceptance wasn’t enough to cover expenses and Bellamy-Rodgers almost declined. But after being re-evaluated, she received another welcome surprise: the Maynard Fellowship.

“The Maynard Fellowship changed everything for me. It meant that I could focus on my education and my son could remain in his school. The fellowship has made an impact on my son too. He’s seen how hard I’m working and the success I’ve had. He understands that education is important. I’m able to be in school because of the Maynard Fellowship and my son knows I’m in school for our future.”

Bellamy-Rodgers is studying Interpersonal Practice/Mental Health. Her field placement is with the Genesee Health System where she is a clinical therapist working with children and their families. She provides  therapy services to children with serious emotional disturbances and/or developmental disabilities and their families from the comfort of their home or from a school setting.

“As a clinical therapist it is especially important for me to have a presence in the child’s school. This way I can offer support to school personnel  and make sure the child’s educational needs are being met.”

In addition to her MSW, Bellamy-Rodgers will graduate with a Social Work in School Settings certificate. She plans to stay in Flint and work with the city’s most vulnerable populations, including children and families affected by the water crisis. 

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