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Joint PhD Students

Political Science

  1. Taha Rauf Taha Rauf


  1. Joonyoung Cho Joonyoung Cho

    Aging-in-Place, Life Course, Social Relation, Productive Aging, Health, Internet Communication and Technologies

  2. Emma B. Gross Emma B. Gross

  3. Sunghyun Hong Sunghyun Hong

    Developmental shaping of resilience, neuroscience of resilience, biology x environment transactions, risk and protective factors, cultural variability, life-course perspective, strength-based framework, trauma-informed practices and system

  4. Rita  Hu Rita Hu

    Older adults and their families, Grandparents in multi-generation households and skipped-generation households, Older adults with chronic diseases, Caregiver support, Ageism's impact on health

  5. Jay R Kayser Jay R Kayser

  6. Andrea Shannon Mora Andrea Shannon Mora

    community violence exposure, sexual harassment, Latinx youth, resilience, educational outcomes, psychological well-being

  7. Brittani Symone Parham Brittani Symone Parham

  8. Ramona Perry Ramona Perry

  9. Brittany Ribeiro Brown Brittany Ribeiro Brown

    • Pre-Candidate
    • Psychology - Personality & Social Contexts

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