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I've been out of school for years! As an Online MSW admitted student, how do I go about writing these complex papers & assignments?

The upside of a big school is that we also have a lot of resources.

  • The SSW has our own writing specialist, Betsy Williams ([email protected]). Not only can that office help you with general learning about the mechanics of writing, they will also proofread and edit your papers. You can connect with the writing center here.
  • Often, instructors expect students to follow APA writing, formatting and citation guidelines in papers. Learn more about APA formatting here.
  • The U-M has an extensive library system with librarians ready and waiting to help you. They can assist with literature searches, teach you how to use the journal databases, and generally support you in your information gathering needs. You can reach out to any of the U-M libraries, but SSW also has our own librarian, Darlene Nichols ([email protected]).

Once you've been back in school for a while, this will get easier... we promise!

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