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Lisa Y. Larance

PhD Student. Social Work/Sociology Candidate

Lisa Y. Larance

Lisa Young Larance, MSW, LCSW, LMSW, is a practitioner-scholar whose practical work, curricula, trainings, and peer-reviewed publications, focus on meeting the needs of marginalized women and their families. She is the founder of two innovative community-based programs providing intervention, advocacy, and support for women who have used force in their relationships: Jersey Battered Women’s Service, Inc.’s Vista Program (http://www.jbws.org/publications.html) and Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County's RENEW Program (www.csswashtenaw.org/renew). She also co-developed and implemented the prison-based Meridians for Incarcerated Women program for the Michigan Department of Corrections (csswashtenaw.org/renew/meridians). Lisa consults domestically and internationally for a range of agencies including the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence; Harmony House’s Nurturing Hearts Violence Prevention Program in Hong Kong, China; the United States Air Force’s Family Advocacy Program serving women on 70 bases world-wide; and Baptcare and Berry Street’s +SHIFT Program in Melbourne, Australia. To encourage discussion and resource sharing among practitioners and scholars involved in the lives of women who have used force, in 2007 Lisa launched and continues to moderate the international “W-Catch22” listserv. She is also an editorial review board member of the international, interdisciplinary journal Violence Against Women. As a joint University of Michigan doctoral candidate in Social Work and Sociology, Lisa’s dissertation research focuses on the complex experiences of women who have had antiviolence programming contact.


Year Degree   School
1998 MSW Washington University, St. Louis
1991 BA Smith College, Northhampton

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