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Joint PhD Students



  1. Oto R Alves da Silva Oto R Alves da Silva »

    Unaccompanied child migrants; asylum and migratory systems in the Global South; criminalization of migration

  2. Kathryn Berringer Kathryn Berringer »

    HIV prevention practices in the US

  3. Yun Chen »

  4. John A. Doering-White John A. Doering-White »

    John's research examines how marginalized groups, particularly undocumented immigrant communities, navigate the intersections of informal and formal social service frameworks. John's dissertation is an ethnography of how violence and care entangle around a web of humanitarian shelters that ...

  5. Cintia Huitzil Cintia Huitzil »

    resilience of indigenous migrant women

  6. Ha Yeon Lee Ha Yeon Lee »

  7. Nina J. Levin Nina J. Levin »

  8. Ronke G. Olawale Ronke G. Olawale »

  9. Heather M. Tidrick Heather M. Tidrick »

    Influence on shifting state policies on individuals and ethnic communities; Romani education and assimilation/integration issues in Hungary; Hungarian child welfare policy and the development of Romani children in state institutions

  10. Jennifer Tucker Jennifer Tucker »

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