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Legacy Corps Evaluation

October 2019 - August 2020

Harlow-Rosentraub, Karen


Statement of Work: Evaluation activities will consist of the following tasks: 1. Participation in conference calls and ongoing communication with senior project staff and site directors to determine data collection strategies. 2. Continuing development of longitudinal data collection instruments and strategies for long-term observations to measure impact at sites. 3. Review of ongoing administrative protocols for project and at each site to determine successful process variables. 4. Develop and monitor impact/outcome measures that directly relate to stated goals and objectives and reflect the underlying theory of action and project assumptions. 5. Prepare yearly summative reports from de-identified data for AmeriCorps that track the program objectives and accomplishments. 6. Maintain site specific tracking systems for compliance with data collection requirements. 7. Present yearly summary at national training sites for total program accomplishment and prepare once yearly a site specific summary of achievements for each subawardee. 8. Assist senior project staff in preparation of continuation funding applications. 9. Participate in dissemination activities including publication and presentation at professional conferences as well as program marketing as needed.

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