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Housing, Health and Well-Being Among Diverse LGBTQ+/SGL Older Adults in Southeast Michigan: Implementing Critical Intersectionality in Research and Activism

This pilot project builds new knowledge about 1) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and more/Same Gender Loving [LGBTQ+/SGL] older adults in Southeast Michigan (many of whom are also BIPOC) and 2) the effectiveness of specific methods to reach particular subgroups. This community-engaged research is a collaboration between UM-SSW researchers and a coalition of eight LGBTQ+ community organizations that formed to understand and address gaps in housing, health, and service support for LGBTQ+ older adults in Southeast Michigan. Funds will support administration and analysis of a survey of diverse LGBTQ+/SGL older adults [HOMES project], with special methods to reach particularly vulnerable subgroups: e.g., those over 75, who are BIPOC, and/or in precarious or supported housing. These groups have also been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. The project has both scholarly and advocacy goals, specifically to: a) identify disparities, strengths, current circumstances, and future preferences about health, housing, and services; b) characterize patterns among those with shared and different positionalities (culturally defined status characteristics), c) explore impacts of COVID-19; d) document and provide feedback to coalition members about the effectiveness of particular recruitment activities, e) develop recommendations for needed changes/goals; and f) contribute to intersectionality scholarship.

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