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Evaluation of Michigan's Social Determinants of Health Strategy (SDOH)

The Policy and Planning Office of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is leading an effort to address social determinants of health (SDOH) in order to improve health outcomes for residents across the state. The 2022-2024 MDHHS Social Determinants of Health Strategy - “Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities” - articulates the goals and objectives associated with this effort. In 2020 - 2022 (Phase 1), the Policy and Planning Team focused on improving existing policies and programs administered by state agencies and aligning partners across state, local, and community-level efforts, and identifying new, innovative policies and programs. In 2023 (Phase 2), the Policy and Planning Team will lead the development and implementation of structural, cross-sectoral interventions to advance health equity. We developed this scope of work with a deep understanding of and experience with: ● The impact social determinants of health have on health outcomes, specifically for those who are living in poverty, living in a rural community, or marginalized due to racism, ethnicity, age (older adults), gender identity, and/or disability. ● System level change and adaptive capacity, including the SDOH framework: Improvement, Alignment and Innovation. ● Food security, housing stability and health equity program models operating at the state and local levels. ● The contribution (and limitations) of Community Health Workers. ● The challenges of co-designing and onboarding a local Community Information Exchange.

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