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Caregiver Voices: Perspectives on Guaranteed Income and Well-being among Caregivers of Children and Youth in Oakland County, Michigan

The Oakland County Guaranteed Income Working Group is dedicated to addressing the link between poverty and poor health by implementing and evaluating a Guaranteed Income (GI) program in Southeast Michigan. In the short term (1-2 years), the Working Group is focused on understanding potential beneficiaries' perspectives, particularly caregivers of youth, through focus groups. These sessions will explore health and well-being priorities, barriers, facilitators, and the potential impact of a GI program. The project's success will be assessed based on key deliverables such as the completion of focus groups, academic publications, white papers, and policy briefs. An emphasis on equity, accessibility, inclusivity, and benefiting marginalized communities guides the project's approach. To ensure sustainability, the team is actively seeking long-term funding mechanisms, aiming to secure the estimated $15-20 million required for program implementation and evaluation. This project embodies a comprehensive, equity-driven strategy to break the cycle of poverty and enhance the well-being of communities in Southeast Michigan.

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