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  1. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo Talks with WEMU About Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law

    Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo discussed Michigan’s right-to-work law with WEMU. “Repealing right-to-work certainly helps the labor movement on a couple of levels. But the main one,” said Zullo “is that it shows that labor has regained a little bit of political power in this state.”

  2. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo Talks To Detroit Free Press about Teacher Safety Strike

    On Wednesday, Detroit teachers voted to authorize a “safety strike,” should their concerns about protective equipment and protocols not be met.  Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo spoke with the Detroit Free Press about the potential legal consequences and public reaction. "No one knows about the exact risks" of COVID-19, Zullo said. "I don't think it'd be unreasonable and my guess is that the public would be on the teachers' side."

  3. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo's Paper Earns Annual Best Paper Award

    Roland Zullo’s paper “Explaining Privatization Failure: The Vice of Sweet Carrots and Hard Sticks” has been selected by the editorial board of the Review of Radical Political Economics as winner of the Annual Best Paper Award.  The paper explains why private contracting underperforms in the production of public services.

  4. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo Discusses GM Strike with Time Magazine

    Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo comments on GM strike with Time Magazine. GM union members have joined a national uptick in strikes, with Americans increasingly turning to collective action in the face of unstable employment practices. “In a healthy labor relations context, there’s that understanding that when times are tough, everybody sacrifices. But when times improve, everybody shares, right?” Zullo says.

  5. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo's Research on Privatizing Food Service in Michigan Prisons Featured in The Nation

    Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo’s research on privatizing food service in Michigan prisons was featured in The Nation’s cover story “How Private Equity Is Turning Public Prisons Into Big Profits.”

  6. Roland W. Zullo
    Roland Zullo's Analysis of MDOT Contracts is Featured in Detroit Free Press

    Associate Research Scientist Roland Zullo's Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) analysis is featured in the Detroit Free Press. Zullo reviewed MDOT contracts and determined the State of Michigan spent $90 million more to hire private contractors for engineering and design work than it would have if it had maintained that work in-house over a three-year period.

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