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  2. Rogério Meireles Pinto
    Realm of the Dead - Using Art in Social Work Education and Practice

    Each piece of vintage luggage in the installation performance tells a piece of Rogério Pinto's story. Crafted into sculptures, suitcases and trunks recount a period when he was consumed by the loss of his three-year-old sister Marília and his family's struggles after her death.

    Born and raised in Brazil, Pinto, a professor and associate dean for research and innovation at the University of Michigan School of Social Work, found a way through the visual and performing arts to confront a painful past, find peace and forgiveness. He created an award-winning play entitled "Marília," readapted now as a new art project called "Realm of the Dead."

    This community-based art initiative invites the audience to dive into complex subjects from death and parental molestation to ethnicity, race, gender and other issues. It premieres in October at the U-M School of Social Work, which celebrates its centennial. "Realm of the Dead" is an autobiographical project that uses self-referential theater as a vehicle for self-healing and advocacy. Based on pedagogy and theater of the oppressed, it intends to advance social work research and practice, as tools of critical reflection, personal growth and advocacy.

    View the 2021 Centennial Homecoming Festivities

    Last week, we hosted an in-person (and virtually accessible) Centennial Homecoming and Reunion weekend. This was our very first in-person alumni event since the pandemic started over 18 months ago, and it was a lot of fun to see so many wonderful friends! The feedback we received from guests has been uplifting and inspiring. One alum stated that the weekend was like “chicken soup for the soul”. Thanks to everyone who joined us virtually and in person. 

    Treating with Equality: Supporting LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals in Health Care Settings

    All Class Reunion Lunch

    • September 29, 2021
    See Our Name in Lights (and on Banners)

    Look for new U-M signage celebrating our Centennial! Next time you drive by the Big House on Stadium Blvd, be on the lookout for a sign on the digital marquee commemorating 100 years of social work at Michigan. The sign is one of many in rotation, so keep your eyes open.

    Lamppost banners have also been installed on campus. Look for the banners on South and East University Avenues. They feature "The Right View," a sculpture created by Sam Gilliam and commissioned by the School in 1989.

    Over the last hundred years, our alumni, students and faculty have made an impact on the field of social work — how exciting to mark our return to campus with these visible symbols of celebration!

    • July 14, 2021
    Centennial Lamp Post Banners on Campus

    In celebration of our centennial, lamp post banners have been installed on campus. Look for the banners featuring "The Right View," a sculpture created by Washington Color School painter Sam Gilliam on commission by the School of Social Work in 1998, on South and East University Avenues.

    • July 9, 2021

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