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    New CE Certificates Support DEI Goals

    The Office of Continuing Education announces two new web-based certificate programs: the Online Certificate in Disability Inclusion and Accessible Design, and the Online Certificate in Dismantling Oppression. These courses provide knowledge and skills that are relevant to social workers as well as a broad range of other professionals.  Both courses support and contribute to the university’s DEI goals. 

    The Online Certificate in Disability Inclusion and Accessible Design takes an intersectional approach to diversity inclusion and provides the comprehensive skills and knowledge which can be applied in all systems and settings.  The program faculty includes scholars, activists and others working on the frontlines of disability inclusion and accessibility. Participants will learn about pertinent policy issues affecting people with disabilities, anti-ableist language and practices, accessible interpersonal clinical practice skills, disability-inclusive community organizing skills, how to create inclusive management structures and organizational policies, among other topics. Participants will also receive training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

    "The Disability Inclusion and Accessible Design Certificate program was created because we believe that an anti-ableist education, centering on disability justice, is critical to gaining comprehensive professional skills that can and should be applied when working with all systems and in all settings,” says course instructors Ayesha Ghazi Edwin and Dessa Cosma.

    The Online Certificate in Dismantling Oppression prepares participants to interrupt patterns that perpetuate systemic oppression and become leaders for change within their teams and organizations.  Participants will explore and apply course concepts to intervene at micro, mezzo and macro level of practice.

    “In 2020, individuals and institutions were publicly reminded of the need to advance equity in order to protect the safety and lives of individuals with historically marginalized social identities,” says Clinical Associate Professor Daicia Price. “We have learned that it is not enough to stop engaging in oppression, but we must actively dismantle oppression at individual, interpersonal and institutional levels. We hope the certificate program increases the number of change agents equipped to deliver content to others."

    2000+ Social Workers Attend Teletherapy Webinar

    “We recognized the increased need for social workers to deliver online teletherapy and telehealth services in the current pandemic,” says Alia Wesala, Assistant Director of Continuing Education. “Many social workers have been forced to work with clients online or by phone for the first time, and they were not prepared for it. It is stressful to suddenly have to figure out how to serve clients remotely. There are many ethical considerations to understand and navigate around system security, privacy, informed consent and HIPAA compliance.”

    To meet this training need, Wesala had a teletherapy ethics continuing education webinar ready to go on a short timeline, and it was free. She reached out to Lecturer Elizabeth González who said she could be ready to teach within one week.  When ”Teletherapy: Start It Up!” was announced, word got out fast. More than 1,200 social workers and other health professionals from around the country signed up in 24 hours, forcing Wesala to close enrollment out of a concern that participants could exceed the capacity of the webinar platform. In addition, more than 800 have requested copies of the recording. Those wishing to obtain a recording may contact

  3. Michelle L. Duprey
    Michelle Duprey Discusses Online Certificate in Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care in Second Wave Media

    Michelle Duprey is the director of Integrated Health Care at Starfish Family Services, which offers behavioral health services in Livonia, Dearborn, and Westland, and in Inkster within Western Wayne Family Health Centers. “A lot more health and hospital systems, private practices, and group practices are hearing about integrated health. They are just not quite sure where to start. This program is a great way to jump in, see what it looks like, and prepare staff to do the work,” Duprey says.

  4. Karla  Goldman
    Karla Goldman is a Panelist at the Antisemitism Today Roundtable

    What is Antisemitism, and how is it manifesting itself today? Is it on the rise globally? How does it differ in different parts of the world? A panel of U-M faculty including  Karla Goldman, Sol Drachler Professor of Social Work will discuss the issues surrounding antisemitism in our world.

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