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Rogério M. Pinto Discusses the Toll of A Denied Tenure Bid at Columbia University in The Chronicle of Higher Education

December 14, 2022

Professor Rogério M. Pinto discussed his denied bid for tenure at Columbia University in 2014, and the physical, emotional and intellectual toll it took, with The Chronicle of Higher Education.  

“Everybody who is involved with you, either as a professional or someone who is doing research with you or the participants in your research, the people who you love — everybody is affected by it one way or another, and they’re affected very deeply. There’s no way to minimize this. Everything that happens after my tenure denial, every single relationship, every single connection has suffered in some way. It has a domino effect, which is never talked about.”

Pinto joined the U-M School of Social Work in 2015 and was granted tenure the following year. He felt inspired to speak out after reading about Lorgia García Peña’s tenure denial at Harvard University.

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