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Graduate and Professional Students Weekly COVID-19 Testing

February 5, 2021

Required Weekly COVID-19 Testing

All students – including graduate and professional students – who live on or come to campus will be required to be tested weekly through the U-M Community Sampling and Tracking Program starting February 16. Currently, over 10% of all COVID reports of students are graduate students.

Weekly testing will be required for all SSW students (including those who have received the vaccine) who:

  • Live in Michigan housing.
  • Are registered for any in-person courses that meet on campus, regardless of how frequently the course meets in-person.
  • Are employed or have in-person field placement on campus (including Michigan Medicine).
  • Conduct research in a campus facility/building.
  • Come to campus to use facilities (e.g. libraries, unions, Rec Sports, SSW building).


Listed below is testing information for field:

  • If your field placement is on campus and in-person, you will be required to participate in the weekly testing program.
  • If your field placement is not on campus, you only need to test if it is a requirement of the field agency/site. You can participate in the U-M testing program.
  • If you are uncomfortable with testing protocols related to field education, please contact your field faculty about options.
  • If your field placement is entirely off campus AND you do not come to campus for any reason, you are not required to be tested weekly. You are eligible, though, to voluntarily sign up for periodic testing on campus.

If You Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, you are excluded from testing for a 90-day period from the date of your test. If you were tested by the U-M Community Sampling and Tracking Program, University Health Service or Occupational Health Services, your result will automatically be captured. If you were tested elsewhere, please submit your positive results.

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