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Michigan Senators: The election is over. Stop undermining the results.

November 19, 2020

Today's joint Oversight Committee hearing at 1 PM in the state legislature is not allowing public comments. Despite many local leaders across the state requesting public comments, the chairs of the committee are not allowing us to testify. Here's what you can do you to do:

Tell your story anyway. During the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, people offered powerful stories about voting for the first time, new citizens proudly casting their ballots, 90-year old elders making sure to vote despite the pandemic, Black voters refusing to be silenced. We want our legislators to address the COVID-19 crisis, not racist attacks on our democracy. Let them know!

Tweet at/tag the Chairs of the Committee with your #IfICouldTestify Story: Twitter: @SenEdMcBroom, @RepMattHall. Facebook: @SenEdMcBroom, @StateRepHall.

Share your #IfICouldTestify story on your personal social media: You can go live or create a short, 30-second video. You can write out your thoughts. However you do it, make sure to include #IfICouldTestify and focus on your story and the need to move forward together.

Email the Chairs of the Committee and Progressive:

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