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Election Events and Resources

November 9, 2020

Michigan Social Work has archived resources and events from U-M and NASW connected to the upcoming election.


Policy Talks @ the Ford School


Dialoguing for Democracy

We invite you to use the activities, resources and general discussion questions in the Dialoging for Democracy cafe to further your understanding of yourself, the people and the world around you and to sharpen your dialogic skill set for the betterment of our democracy.

Democracy, Debate and Social Justice Playlist

The playlist is live on Spotify. If your listening inspires you to contribute, share your suggestions here.

Advancing the American Agenda: How the Social Work Profession Will Help

National Association of Social Workers tranisition document to the Trump administration.

Council on Social Work Education Guidance for the Next Administration

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, CSWE and other social work education groups prepared guidance for either the Biden or Trump administration to advance social, racial, and economic justice.

Washtenaw Action Council's Guide to Protecting the Election

Washtenaw County Community Safety Toolkit

Manage Election-Related Stress Information

Michigan Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) resources to help you pace yourself and manage your resources. 

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching Group Taking Care of Ourselves and Others: Well-being and Civic Engagement, for graduate and undergraduate students, focused on well-being and civic engagement during the 2020 election season. This group is designed to provide a virtual space to dialogue about the stressors of the university and political climate and to develop self-care skills and coping mechanisms in order to remain mindfully involved in civic engagement while attending to the other dimensions of our lives.

Ginsberg Center and UMMA Dialogue Deck 

A platform to examine and explore social and political norms, values, and beliefs through shared dialogue and reflection. Each of these images was thoughtfully selected by UMMA and Ginsberg Center staff and faculty, drawing from UMMA’s permanent collection with an emphasis placed on artworks that both, directly and indirectly, evoke the culture, politics and history of the USA.

NASW - Michigan Chapter

The NASW Code of Ethics calls on social workers to promote informed public participation in shaping social policy and institutions.(6.02) Social workers have an important role to play in registering citizens to vote, particularly vulnerable populations. The Voter Rights Resource page provides Michigan-specific resources to support members who wish to organize voter registration drives, change public policy related to voting rights, and become involved in policy advocacy and civic responsibilities.

Voting is Social Work

Social justice is a core principle of social work practice and calls for ensuring meaningful participation in decision making for all people. Voting is Social Work is a nonprofit nonpartisan organization that provides social work students and practitioners with the knowledge and tools to raise awareness about voting and to increase voting registration and participation. We do this work through our National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign which strives to integrate nonpartisan voter registration and engagement into social work education and practice.

Go Vote, Go Blue

The U-M website provides location-specific voting information and resources for each of the three campuses. Find answers to your questions about voter registration, absentee ballot and election day as well as quick links.

Big Ten Voting Challenge 2020

Launched in 2017, the Big Ten Voting Challenge is a nonpartisan initiative created to spur civic engagement and encourage more students across the Big Ten to head to the polls on Election Day.  Each of the 14 schools within the Big Ten Conference competed in the challenge. But the real winner will be you – for exercising your privilege to vote and your power to change the world.

Rack the Vote

Don’t be fooled by thinking that your vote doesn’t count. In 2016 alone, more than 20,000 eligible University of Michigan students did not vote. The margin of victory for the state in the presidential election was 10,704 votes. Rack the Vote is a nonpartisan resource to direct members of the Rackham community to information that will help them navigate Michigan’s voting laws and make their voices heard. Look for #RackTheVote on social, and please use it to spread the word and encourage your friends to vote.

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