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School of Social Work Research Publications for Sue Ann Savas

  1. Provenzano, A. M., Spencer, M., Hopkins, M., Ellis, J., Reischl, C., Karr, K., & Savas, S. (2020). Effects of a university-school partnered after-school music program on developmental, social, and educational outcomes. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 11(3).
  2. Shanks, T. R., Harb, S. & Savas, S. A. (2017). Measurable results of good neighborhoods: What was accomplished? In Allen-Meares, P., Shanks, T., Gant, L., Hollingsworth, L., & Miller, P. (Eds.), A Twenty-First Century Approach to Community Change: Partnering to Improve Life Outcomes for Youth and Families in Under-Served Neighborhoods 131-144. Oxford University Press.
  3. Thomason, E., Himle, J. A., Tolman, R. M., Sinco, B. R., & Savas, S. (2017). The effect of social anxiety, generalized anxiety, depression and substance abuse on child support payment compliance among non-custodial parents. Children and Youth Services Review, 79, 180-185.
  4. Zebrack, B., Kayser, K., Sandstrom, L., Savas, S. A., Henrickson, C., Acquati, C., & Tamas, R. L. (2015). Psychosocial distress screening implementation in cancer care: An analysis of adherence, responsiveness, and acceptability. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 33(10), 1165-1170.
  5. Danziger, S. K., Savas, S. A., Rodems, R., & Barnes, C. (2013). Evaluation of the Starfish Family Services' Family Success Program: An antipoverty initiative. Ann Arbor, MI: National Poverty Center, University of Michigan.
  6. Danziger, S. K., Savas, S. A. & Rodems, R. (2012). Year One and Year Two Process and Evaluation Results: a Focus on Family Success Ladders [Report]. Ann Arbor, MI.
  7. Fries, D., Carney, K. J., Blackman-Urteaga, L., & Savas, S. A. (2012). Development of an outcome measurement tool for a teen wraparound program. U-M School of Social Work Journal, 37(1), 63-53.
  8. Fries, D., Carney, K. J., Blackman-Urteaga, L., & Savas, S. A. (2012). Wraparound services; infusion into secondary schools as a dropout prevention strategy. NASSP Bulletin.
  9. Ruffolo, M., Savas, S., Neal. D., Capobianco, J., & Reynolds, K. (2008). The challenges of implementing an evidence-based practice to meet consumer and family needs in a managed behavioral health care environment. Social Work and Health Care, 6.
  10. Whittaker, J., Greene, K., Schubert, D., Blum, R., Cheng, K., Blum, K., Reed, N., Scott, K., Roy, R., & Savas, S. (2006). Integrating evidence-based practice in the child mental health agency: A template for clinical and organizational change. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.
  11. Ruffolo, M., & Savas, S. (2004). Mental health issues in juvenile justice residential placements: A multi-method agency evaluation. Residential Treatment for Children and Youth, 22(1), 19-32.
  12. Coleman, M., Savas, S. A., & Wulczyn, F. (Eds.). (2003). Building evidence to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families. Journal of Policy, Practice, and Program [Special Issue], 82(5).
  13. Savas, S., & Ruffolo, M. (2001). Using a three-phase decision-making model to integrate emerging practices. In Hernandez, M. & Hodges, S. (Eds), Developing Outcome Strategies in Children's Mental Health 167-182. MD: Paul A. Brookes.
  14. Savas, S. A., Fleming, W., & Bolig, E. (1998). Program specification: A precursor to program monitoring and quality improvement. A case study from Boysville of Michigan. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, 25(2), 208-216.

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