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School of Social Work Research Publications for David Córdova

  1. Córdova, D., Bauermeister, J., Fessler, K., Delva, J., Nelson., A., Nurenberg, R., Lua, F., Alers-Rojas, F., & Salas-Wright, C. P. (2015). A community-engaged approach to developing an HIV/STI and Drug Abuse mHealth preventive intervention for primary care: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth uHealth, 3(4).
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  4. Salas-Wright, C. P., Robles, E. H., Vaughn, M. G., Córdova, D., & Figueroa, R. P. (2015). Toward a typology of acculturative stress: findings from a national sample of Hispanic immigrants. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.
  5. Salas-Wright, C. P., Vaughn, M. G., Todic, J., Córdova, D. & Perron, B. E. (2015). Trends in the disapproval and use of marijuana among adolescents and young adults in the United States: 2002-2013. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 41(5), 392-404.
  6. Nelson, A., Córdova, D., Walters, A., & Szeecsy, E. (2015). Storytelling for empowerment for Latino teens: increasing HIV prevention knowledge and attitudes. Journal of Adolescent Research.
  7. Córdova, D., Parra-Cardona, J. R., Blow, A., Johnson, D., Prado, G., & Fitzgerald, H. (2015). "They don't look at what affects us": The role of ecodevelopmental factors on alcohol and drug use in Latinos with physical disabilities. Ethnicity and Health.
  8. Huang, S., Córdova, D., Estrada Y, Brincks A, & Prado, G. (2014). Efficacy of a family intervention in reducing illicit drug use among high-risk Hispanic adolescents: An application of the complier average causal effect analysis. Family Process, 53(2), 336-47.
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  14. Córdova, D., Huang, S., Garvey, M., Estrada, Y., & Prado, G. (2014). Do parent-adolescent discrepancies in family functioning increase the risk of Hispanic adolescent HIV risk behaviors? Family Process.
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  16. Córdova, D., Ciofu, A., Park, K., Parra-Cardona, J. R., Holtrop, K., & Cervantes, R. (2014). The role of intrapersonal and ecodevelopmental factors in the lives of Latino alternative high school youth. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 23(2), 148-167.
  17. Córdova, D., Estrada, Y., Malcom, S., Huang, S., Pantin, H., Brown, H., & Prado, G. (2014). Prevention science: An epidemiological approach. In Z. Sloboda & H. Petras (Eds.), Prevention Science. New York, NY: Springer.
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  23. Prado, G., Córdova, D., Huang, S., Estrada, Y., Bacio, G. A., & Leon Jimenez, G. (2012). The efficacy of Familias Unidas on drug and alcohol use for Hispanic delinquent youth; main effects and interaction effects by parental stress and social support. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 125, S18-S25.
  24. Cervantes, R. C., Fisher, D. G., Córdova, D., & Napper, L. (2012). Developing the Hispanic stress inventory-Adolescent version: A culturally appropriate psychosocial assessment for Hispanics. Psychological Assessment, 24, 187-196.
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