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Does the University of Michigan offer a clinical social work program?

Yes, the majority of our MSW students concentrate in Interpersonal Practice. Students interested in clinical social work are encouraged to select the Interpersonal Practice method. Coursework in Interpersonal Practice is focused on improving the skills social workers utilize in providing direct service to individuals, small groups, and families. Interpersonal Practice course offerings include Interpersonal Practice with Individual Adults, Interpersonal Practice with Children and Youth, Interpersonal Practice with Groups and Interpersonal Practice with Families. Other courses of interest to students with a clinical social work focus include:

  • Death, Loss and Grief
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorders of the Adults and the Elderly
  • Mental Health and Mental Disorders of Children and Youth
  • Treatment Strategies for Sexual Dysfunction
  • Special Topics in Family Violence
  • Interpersonal Practice with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Clients
  • Practice Seminar in Child Maltreatment: Assessment and Treatment
  • Integrative Seminar on Child Maltreatment
  • Interpersonal Practice Mini-Courses (SW 790)

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