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As an Online MSW admitted student, U-M SSW is big and really hard to navigate. What if I just feel overwhelmed by it?

U-M SSW is a big place, and U-M itself is huge. With a big (huge!) campus, comes big (huge!) bureaucracy. Expecting this can actually help you as you maneuver through it.

  • View your faculty advisor as a partner to help you navigate your way. They may not always know the answer, but they can sure help you find one. Let them know if/when you're feeling overwhelmed by it all. They can help.
  • Your technical advisor (Antuan) is here to help with anything course related. Petitions problems, independent study questions, substitutions... these can all go to your TA.
  • Be sure to rely on each other. Use your Slack channels to connect with colleagues. It is likely that someone else has answers - or at least support - to offer.

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