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Leslie D. Hollingsworth

Associate Professor Emerita of Social Work

Leslie D. Hollingsworth
Leslie Hollingsworth retired on 5/31/2016. Her research interests have focused on circumstances surrounding the lives of vulnerable children and families across the child welfare and mental health systems and their implications for social work practice and policy. Her adoption-related research examined perspectives and experiences of members of the adoption triad - adopted individuals, adoptive parents, and birth parents. She also evaluated the effects of Africentric curricular content on students’ knowledge, values, and skills in interpersonal practice with African American families. She was licensed as a clinical social worker in Michigan and Indiana.

Research Interests/Focus

Adoption, African American families, child welfare, mental health, birth parents, adoptive parents, interpersonal practice, family therapy

Contact Information



Year Degree   School
1995 PhD Child Development and Family Studies Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
1988 Certification Marriage/Family Therapy The Family Therapy Institute, Cincinnati, OH
1965 MSW Social Work Syracuse University, NY
1963 BA Sociology/Psychology Bennett College, Greensboro, NC

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