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  1. Cultural Issues with Opioid Use Disorders/Substance Use Disorders

    June 4, 2020 (all day)

    This course will address cultural issues, barriers, strengths and needs that may arise in substance use treatment settings. Students will gain a theoretical understanding of cultural awareness models and will explore clinical applications in assessment and intervention. Students will engage in critical discourse concerning strengths, needs and limitations of implementation methods in SUD/OUD practice. Students will review epidemiological data specific to the prevalence of SUD/OUD and utilization trends for diverse cultural and identity groups, and will engage in collaborative peer-to-peer discussions. Concepts relating to race, ethnicity, racial and intergenerational trauma and the clinical relevance to SUD/OUD will be key components. Sub-culture will be addressed in the context of substance use disorders (e.g. spirituality, ritual, symbolism, language, art, music, dance, dress, politics and literature); specialized attention to the impact of these identities and evidence-based treatment strategies to...

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