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Alumni Webinar Series | The Fundamentals of Somatic Therapy


Note: This course is available for free to U-M SSW alumni as part of our Alumni Webinar Series, which features invited alumni presenters. Please know that non-alumni participants are welcome to register as well!

This course provides an exploration of somatic therapy, delving into its foundational principles and distinguishing it from mindfulness practices. Participants will learn to identify clinical populations and settings where somatic therapy can be particularly effective, including trauma survivors, individuals with anxiety or depression, and those experiencing chronic pain. Drawing from personal experience, the instructor will share practical examples of integrating somatic therapy into clinical practice, offering insights into techniques and approaches that have yielded positive outcomes. Participants will gain practical strategies for incorporating somatic interventions into their own clinical work, with emphasis on cultivating cultural humility and addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations. Additionally, the course will provide information on training options for further specialization in somatic therapy, empowering participants to deepen their understanding and skills in this transformative modality.

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