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Online Educational Agreement Due for August 2024 Graduates & Students with a
School Based Placement (20-Month, first term)

If you are an August graduate, your final field evaluation is due June 30th. You have registered for six credits of field in the Fall and six credits of field in the Winter.  You do not register for field in Spring/Summer term.

If you are a 20-month student, your evaluation is due June 30th.  You will return to the same field site in the Fall. 

If you are a 20-month student, you need to complete 912 hours of fieldwork.  If you are an advanced standing student, your number of fieldwork hours is 684.  Once you complete your required number of hours, you may register for up to six credits of elective field.  Many students placed in schools earn extra hours due to the extended year.  Each additional 57 hours in the field is equal to 1 credit of 691

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