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Trauma or ADHD? Trauma-Informed Tools for Working with ADHD


ADHD is the most studied diagnosis of children and adults. This course will discuss the latest research findings, provide greater understanding of the effects ADHD has on the brain and how these effects are very similar to those left on the brain by traumatic experiences. We will discuss the spectrum of trauma, and how even small sometimes unnoticed brain injuries can cause symptoms comparable to those recognized as common ADHD symptoms. We will draw a clear connection between the spectrum of trauma and ADHD. We will also look at demographics of who is diagnosed with ADHD.

In the second half of the 3 hour course we will focus on learning trauma informed practice skills to create a more effective setting for supportive treatment of individuals with ADHD and/or traumatic experiences. Using the research to guide our work we will discuss somatic awareness and tools to build safety for a positive healing environment. Giving participants the opportunity to gain tools and understanding around how to help clients who are struggling to understand their own behaviors.

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