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Caregiver Kinks: Everything You Need to Know About Imaginative Power Exchange


BDSM and kink have gone mainstream in a big way. Thanks to the popularity of several books and movies, it seems like almost everyone is familiar with Dominant/submissive relationships now! And while there are many people living out their Red Room of Pain fantasies these days, that's far from the only form of consensual power exchange that D/s can take. In this workshop, we'll explore the lesser known, and lesser understood, power exchange dynamic known as Caregiver Kink. This imaginative form of Dominance and submission weaves role play into the BDSM relationship- primarily by assuming personas that are either much younger than the individuals biological age (Little play) or by role playing as a non-human persona entirely (pet play).

In this two-hour webinar (which will not contain graphic content, but will contain material that some may find challenging) we will learn more about caregiver kinks, primarily age and pet play. We will gain insights into the reasons why this form of power exchange appeals to those who engage in these forms of play, identify ways in which these relationships foster opportunities for positive personal and relational growth, and confront the biases that many clinicians carry with them into their work with these clients. Through lecture and small group conversation, "pop quizzes" and case studies, participants will learn how to support their kinky clients with understanding, empathy, insight.

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